Coordinating Your Entire Financial Picture

By Andrew DuPerrieu

February 28, 2017


People often view financial advice through a single lens, as investment advice. However, there’s a big difference between simply managing your investment portfolio (one aspect of your overall finances) and an all-inclusive approach to coordinating your financial picture. A qualified financial advisor should provide critical planning services and advice across your financial life to create alignment between your various strategies. And that can make the difference between remaining on track and falling short of your financial objectives or timeline.


Below are just 10 of the many ways we can help you move closer to your financial goals:

1.  Formalizing, prioritizing, and documenting your goals

2.  Coordinating your investment, insurance, tax, retirement, and estate planning strategies

3.  Reviewing and adjusting strategies to maintain alignment with your goals over time

4.  Proactively managing risk across all aspects of your financial life

5.  Measuring and reporting progress against your goals

6.  Monitoring changes in your life and family situation and recommending adjustments to your strategies as needed

7.  Remaining up-to-date on economic, tax, and financial market changes and legislation

8.  Developing tax-advantaged wealth transition strategies for retirement and estate planning

9.  Serving as a single point of contact to coordinate services and experience across multiple disciplines, such as mortgage services, insurance, employee benefits, trust services, business succession planning, etc.

10.  Working with your tax and legal advisors to coordinate and implement advice

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Andrew DuPerrieu

Andrew DuPerrieu

Financial Advisor

About the Author:

Andrew is a Financial Advisor with Blythe Investment Advisors. He is passionate about working alongside clients, providing custom and highly personalized services based on each clients unique needs and expectations. He is committed to coaching, supporting, and educating clients to achieve their financial goals.